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Renting means you pay just $25 dollars a month with no committments.

Use the domain paying just a little more than it costs to pay for web hosting.

Stop at any time with no commitments.


Leasing means you pay a minimum agreed amount for as long as you want.

When you have paid the amount the name costs, you take ownership of it with no extra costs.

Take as long as you want to pay, and start using it right away.

We make using a Premium Web Name Easy.

Other Premium Web Names Available

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Other ways we can help you.

  • We can host your new or current website

  • We can spruce up your old website, make it look more professional

  • We can build you a whole new professional looking website

  • We can set up your web forum, wordpress site, or blog

  • We can overhaul your website so as to get the best google rankings (Seo Optimization)

  • Tell us what your needs are and we will show you how we can help