Websites using .com extensions make up 47.7% of all websites worldwide.

Net and .org websites make up only 4.7% of websites,

If you want customers to find your business, you need a .Com. It makes you easier to find, and makes you look professional and trustworthy..


Think of .Com as the main street of the internet. .Orgs and .Nets are side streets off of the main street. Other extensions are even further away.

Business owners use .Com's because it increases the amount of customers who will find them using search engines, and are easier for customers to remember.

People may come to your website, but will they remember the extension you are using a month later?

Or will they forget it and simply type the name of your website with a .Com and end up at your competitions business website?

It is a fact that businesses that use a .com for their website, benefit from the customers of other businesses, who forget the extension of the business they intended to re-visit.

If your business is not using a .com for it's website, YOU ARE losing customers.


When a customer is looking for a professional service or to buy a product, they instinctively search for the .com.

While Google doesn't discriminate, PEOPLE DO and will instinctively look for the .Com, forgetting other extensions you may be using.

This can bleed into everything from mistakes in relaying your website address to a friend during word of mouth advertisements

To other websites incorrectly linking to your products with the wrong.Com extension rather than to your own website extension.

If your online business website is not using a .Com, you are losing customers.

The owner of the .Com always has a huge advantage over the competition when users search for things on the internet.



.Com's are the main street of internet businesses. If you are using any other extension, your business is effectively located on a side street with virtually no street traffic.

.Com's are the extension of the online business world.


Just as it is with brick and mortar stores, location is everything. If customers don't see your store, they won't come inside and see what you are selling. Location is everything.




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